ELITEmodels is currently up for sale. Although I loved this agency, I felt it was time for something better organized and much more improved, which is why I started a new agency, Gemini Modeling Agency. A new beginning, yet for any models or clients that were associated with ELITEmodels, you may continue your contract over at GMA, as long has you contact me saying so until October 10th.

As for ELITEmodels, the agency will come with any clients or models listed that decide not to move to GMA or have not terminated their contract. One of the pros of this agency is that it has over 100 followers. The buyer will also have complete control and do whatever he or she wants with the agency.

So if your interested in purchasing the agency, make your bid in the comments below with your username. The bid starts off at 100 stardollars. The bidding ends on October 10th. If no buyers, then the agency will shut-down for good.


  1. 100 stardollars bid

  2. 300 sd bid! I would hate for this site to shut down, it wouldn't be fun!