The Future of ELITEmodels

As you all may know, ELITEmodels has been sold to me, Gweneee. All of the models who are currently enrolled under ELITEmodels are still under our management unless told otherwise. All previous application forms are no longer valid. If you are still interested, and would like to apply again, you may do so. We are also looking for media partners. If you have applied for a media partner spot, and are still interested, we ask that you re-apply. All current media partners are still affiliated with ELITEmodels. We are sorry for the inconvenience.


New Owner Is.....


She will take over this agency as soon as possible.

Also, the only model that will be transferred to Gemini Modeling Agency is Jelizaveta123, since she contacted me before the deadline. As for the rest, I took off the models that are no longer in Stardoll, but for the others Gweneee may contact them and ask them if they want to continue with the agency.



ELITEmodels is currently up for sale. Although I loved this agency, I felt it was time for something better organized and much more improved, which is why I started a new agency, Gemini Modeling Agency. A new beginning, yet for any models or clients that were associated with ELITEmodels, you may continue your contract over at GMA, as long has you contact me saying so until October 10th.

As for ELITEmodels, the agency will come with any clients or models listed that decide not to move to GMA or have not terminated their contract. One of the pros of this agency is that it has over 100 followers. The buyer will also have complete control and do whatever he or she wants with the agency.

So if your interested in purchasing the agency, make your bid in the comments below with your username. The bid starts off at 100 stardollars. The bidding ends on October 10th. If no buyers, then the agency will shut-down for good.

A new beginining....


Lieve by Lolita: SFW


Our client Lieve by Lolita has a new design out for Stardoll Fashion Week for limited time only. An one of a kind night gala dress with an amazing pattern inspired by wilderness.

Modeled by our exclusive model, BeverlyHillsHei!!

This dress will be available to be bought in Miss_Lolita's starbazaar this week only for the price of 20 stardollars!

Click HERE to purchase one for yourself!

If there's no more dresses left in my sale, please request one in Lolita's guestbook.


Mixer Event!!

ELITEmodels will soon be throwing it's first mixer cocktail event, in which we hope our models and clients will get better acquainted with one another. The gathering will take place sometime in March, an official invite will be posted soon.


M by Marcela: With Love...

Our client M by Marcela has a new design out called With Love... for limited time only (Feb. 14th trough Feb. 20th).

Modeled by our exclusive model, Tapstar321!!


A Great Start!

The agency has gotten off onto a great start. We've received many applicants and picked models who we believe will do well for the agency and for themselves. You may look at the signed models under the 'Models' tab above. We look forward to working with these aspiring beauties along with our clients. If you haven't applied and your interested in modeling, click HERE. Were always looking for new models everyday.

We are looking for different types of clients, from magazines, fashion lines, groups, or anything that will need models for their projects. Our clients have full access to use both exclusive and non-exclusive models within the agency for their projects. If you would be interested in becoming a client with ELITEmodels then click HERE.



ELITEmodels is unlike most agencies on Stardoll. We will manage the career of our models by helping them find work, we will also establish thier very own portfolio and have them sign a lucrative contract that will assure them that ELITEmodels will diffidently live up to the plate with their modeling career.

Were looking for a diverse rage of models (female & male). ELITEmodels must have the potential to handle the responsibility of what comes out of being a model.

There are two modeling contracts that we have provided:
Exclusive Model Contract
Model isn't allowed to work with any other modeling agency and may not model for any non-clients. We will help manage the model and establish a portfolio and have a graphic artist create an official picture/graphic for them. Exclusive models will always be the first models that will be looked at for potential modeling work with our clients. Model will also be featured in spotlight segments for SDelitefashion.blogspot.com.

Non-exclusive Model Contract
Model free to work with outside agencies and non-clients. Model will get trained to get modeling jobs on their own. We will help model create portfolio using print screen images. Model will also be last to look at for our clients.

If interested in becoming an ELITEmodels, click HERE.

The agency is looking for clients too, I already signed a couple clients, such as EGO Magazine and Monster Magazine. Our clients have full access to both exclusive and non-exclusive models within the agency. If you would be interested in becoming a client with ELITEmodels then click HERE.