A Great Start!

The agency has gotten off onto a great start. We've received many applicants and picked models who we believe will do well for the agency and for themselves. You may look at the signed models under the 'Models' tab above. We look forward to working with these aspiring beauties along with our clients. If you haven't applied and your interested in modeling, click HERE. Were always looking for new models everyday.

We are looking for different types of clients, from magazines, fashion lines, groups, or anything that will need models for their projects. Our clients have full access to use both exclusive and non-exclusive models within the agency for their projects. If you would be interested in becoming a client with ELITEmodels then click HERE.


  1. This is great! :) I'm happy you received a lot of applications and so proud that I'm one of your models. :) I can't wait to start working. ;)