ELITEmodels is unlike most agencies on Stardoll. We will manage the career of our models by helping them find work, we will also establish thier very own portfolio and have them sign a lucrative contract that will assure them that ELITEmodels will diffidently live up to the plate with their modeling career.

Were looking for a diverse rage of models (female & male). ELITEmodels must have the potential to handle the responsibility of what comes out of being a model.

There are two modeling contracts that we have provided:
Exclusive Model Contract
Model isn't allowed to work with any other modeling agency and may not model for any non-clients. We will help manage the model and establish a portfolio and have a graphic artist create an official picture/graphic for them. Exclusive models will always be the first models that will be looked at for potential modeling work with our clients. Model will also be featured in spotlight segments for SDelitefashion.blogspot.com.

Non-exclusive Model Contract
Model free to work with outside agencies and non-clients. Model will get trained to get modeling jobs on their own. We will help model create portfolio using print screen images. Model will also be last to look at for our clients.

If interested in becoming an ELITEmodels, click HERE.

The agency is looking for clients too, I already signed a couple clients, such as EGO Magazine and Monster Magazine. Our clients have full access to both exclusive and non-exclusive models within the agency. If you would be interested in becoming a client with ELITEmodels then click HERE.

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  1. It sounds like you prepared a lot for this and everything is well thought trough. :) I think it's cool that you have 2 different groups of models and I like that you'll help them in evolving for the better and help them with their portfolios.
    Also, congratulatiosn on getting those fabulous clients to work with you, any model who gets in will be very lucky to work with your agency and those magazines. ;) It would really be an honour to be a model for one of those magazines. :)